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Classified New support and social website launched for all your non-clinical needs New support and social website launched for all your non-clinical needs

Vetsnet is a website designed to meet the increasing need for engagement and support within the veterinary profession as a whole.  The profession is changing rapidly, and vets in practice often struggle to keep up with the pace of change.  There is also increasing focus on mental health issues within the profession, with a rapid growth in the help and support available. summarises news and views relating to issues facing the profession, and encourages members to feedback.  Historically, the profession is reactive to change, and the site aims to encourage pro-active engagement with the challenges we face.  ‘Vetsupport’ summarises and signposts psychological, financial and employment help and support.  There are dedicated pages for employers, employees, students and new graduates. ‘Vetmums’ enables social interaction for any members taking a break from practice (maternity/paternity leave, sabbaticals, PhDs etc).  Monthly ‘Keep in touch’ newsletters are being developed to provide concise summaries of new drugs/diseases/treatments to smooth transition back into practice ‘Vetsports’ is a page created alongside a sports-app based Vetsnet club to enable social sports interaction, blogs and sponsorship. Created by Liz Barton, a vet in practice, is designed to fulfil the non-clinical needs personally experienced personally and amongst colleagues.  The site is administrated through the non-profit company, Vetsnet CIC.  Sponsorship and advertising on the site is being sought to enable the site to establish, grow and provide additional services.  Please contact

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Classified Logic Firm - gastrointestinal support - by Ceva Logic Firm - gastrointestinal support - by Ceva

Logic Firm is a gastrointesinal protectant which helps to support intestinal function thanks to the following key ingredients: Montmorillonite  – maintains intestinal function by coating/ protecting the intestinal cells and absorbing toxins.  Na+, Mg2+ and K+ ions  – help maintain electrolyte levels Dextrose  – provides an energy source for the intestines Prebiotics (fructo-oligosaccharides)  - help maintain normal intestinal flora by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, such as  bifidobacteria  and  lactobacilli , at the expense of potentially pathogenic bacteria (1,2,3,4,5) References 1 - Swanson KS  et al.  (2002), Effects of supplemental fructooligosaccharides and monooligosaccharides on colonic microbial populations, immune function and fecal odour components in the canine,  American Society for Nutritional Science , Journal of Nutrition, 132, p1717-1719 2 - Swanson KS  et al.  (2002), Effects of supplemental fructooligosaccharides and monooligosaccharides on immune function and ileal and faecal microbial populations in adult dogs,  Arch Tierernahr , 56, 4, p309-318 3 - Vickers RJ  et al.  (2001), Comparison of fermentation of selected fructooligosaccharides and other fibers substrates by canine colonic microflora, American Journal of Veterinary Research , 62, p609-615 4 - Kerley MS, Sunvold GD (1997), Favourably modifying gut flora witha novel fiber (FOS),  Proceedings from the precongress Gastrointestinal Health Symposium , Annual WSAVA Congress, FECVA and BSAVA Birmingham UK, p15-19 5 - Swanson KS  et al.  (2002), Fructooligosaccharides and lactobacillus acidophilus modify gut microbial populations, total nutrient digestibilities and fecal protein catabolite concentrations in adult dogs,  Journal of Nutrition , 132, p3721-3731 For more information please...

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