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Classified Vetlab Refractometer Vetlab Refractometer

Portable Refractometer The Vetlab Clinical Refractometer is a lightweight, hand-held diagnostic instrument designed for the fast, simple and inexpensive measurement of Serum/Plasma Protein and Urine Specific Gravity on samples from animals and humans. This refractometer has an excellent robust build and comfortable design which ensures that it will give many years of valuable service. Features: Important features are a large rubber eyepiece for comfort, wide field of view and focusing; rubber hand grip covering the entire barrel; automatic temperature compensation with easy-to-use calibration adjustment screw (finger operated); and a quality, blue coloured main prism engraved with three scales: Protein/S.G/Refractive Index and integral sample cover lid. Measurement Units: Serum/Plasma Protein is measured in the range 0-12g/dl in 0.2g/dl divisions (0-120 G/L in 2 G/L divisions) and Urine Specific Gravity in the range 1.000 – 1.050 in 0.005 division

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