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Faecal Worm Egg Counts McMaster worm egg counting slides are widely used for performing faecal worm egg counts (F.E.C’s). Faecal worm egg counts are performed on faeces samples mainly from large animals such as horses, sheep and cattle which normally harbour low levels of worms in their guts. Benefits of Faecal Worm Egg Counts To provide an estimate of the adult worm burden in an individual or small group of animals. To detect animals shedding relatively large numbers of worm eggs in their faeces and thereby posing a threat to other animals grazing the same pasture. When performed as part of a Faecal Egg Reduction Test (F.E.C.R.T) to detect the efficacy of, or resistance to, the anthelmintic in use. In general, faecal worm egg counts help vets and owners maintain their livestock in good health, provide financial benefits by avoiding unnecessary worming treatments and delay/avoid the development of anthelmintic resistance.   Vetlab McMaster 2 Cell Counting Slide The Vetlab McMaster worm egg counting slide is made entirely of acrylic and consists of a base slide upon which a smaller slide is fixed on top of three supports thereby forming two chambers. On the underneath of the top slide over each chamber, a grid is printed in blue ink measuring exactly 10mm x 10mm divided by 5 vertical lines (forming 6 columns). The top slide is positioned exactly 1.5mm above the base slide so the counting area of each chamber holds 0.15 ml. in volume. The Vetlab McMaster counting slides has some significant advantages compared to the conventional glass type. Made from the strongest optical acrylic available — which is more robust than glass. The upper section is fused to the lower section by sonic welding rather than glue. This makes the slide more durable and avoids faecal residue being trapped between the pieces. The 6 grid columns making counting faster as their width exactly match the width of field of view of...

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