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Classified Employment Law and HR Consultancy from ArkHR

If you employ staff it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have experienced a difficult situation or had to have a dreaded conversation with a member of your team. Perhaps a part time receptionist isn’t quite the right team fit, or your VN has been late every Monday for the past few weeks. Maybe your new grad vet has been missing charges and you’re not sure how to tackle it. Your ‘corporate’ colleagues have the benefit of centralised HR support, but what about the independent businesses like you? You want to maintain your independence but you also know you’d benefit from support in some areas. That’s where  ArkHR  comes in. Co-founded by three individuals who, between them, have 25 years’ experience of the veterinary work-place,  ArkHR  knows exactly what your challenges are. We can provide you with a monthly fixed-fee HR and Employment Law service for less than the  price of a bitch spay.