Using your shopfront

At the bottom of your "My account" page, or under the "My account" column on your my account page you will see a "shopfront control panel" option.  Once you have turned your shopfront on using the on/off button you will also see a link to your shopfront, from where you can also reach your shopfront control panel.

From the shopfront control panel you can edit your shopfront, add contact information or add extra pages.  From your shopfront you can get back to the screens where you control the shopfront by clicking "manage my shopfront".

You can also delete the inventory section, rename it or organise your categories in the way that best suits you and your business.

For example you might have products that neatly fit under the general categories in the rest of the site:  On those sections of the site where the shopfront column is displayed you can place advertisements for these products alongside a link to your shopfront to bring people to your section.  However, if you are a specialist supplier you might have a range of products or services that you wish to organise and name using your own categories.  You can do this on your shopfront.

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