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VDS Communications Training

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CarolineJ (Wednesday, September 27, 2017)
Highly recommended!
Having trained initially with a medical pharmaceutical company, I have personally benefitted from experiential learning. This is especially important in developing and honing communication skills and it is how this sector stays at the top of its game. So it has been a delightful experience for me to recently attend a VDS training day and see this approach being successfully applied in the veterinary sector where delegates have the opportunity to watch professional actors create real-life scenarios for them to work through and learn from and all in a 'safe environment'. Rather than just explore the theory, everyone present immersed themselves in the various situations presented and actually improved their communication skills on the day, leaving them better equipped than before to deal with whatever challenges faced them the very next day back in their vet practices. I therefore highly recommend anyone and everyone in practice to attend at least one VDS seminar!