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Aysan Hyperbaric Equine Chamber Aysan Hyperbaric Equine Chamber

Dear Medical Team, We are the manufacturer of Decompression Chambers and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers for human and also for animals. We have HBO chambers for horses, small animals and also for camels. We have a completed bare shell of a Hyperbaric Equine Chamber  at our facility at the moment waiting for the new owner of it! If you want to have this chamber, than we can finish the manufacturing of it for you in two months. If you are interested in to purchase this or a similar chamber or need more information about the chambers, please feel free to ask me! Call for price!   Best Regards, Roland Sipos Export Sales Manager AYSAN ENGINEERING   Address: Teksan Sanayi Sit F5 Blok No.:1 Eskisehir, Turkey Web:    www.aysanmuhendislik. com   Email:  roland.sipos@aysantech. com Gsm : +90 507 656 44 50

K-Laser - Wound and Musculoskeletal Repair and Pain Management K-Laser - Wound and Musculoskeletal Repair and Pain Management

VBS Direct is an exclusive UK distributor of the global leading K-Laser, a Class IV therapeutic laser for musculoskeletal pain management, tissue/wound healing, pre/post surgery and rehabilitation.   This product is sold direct through VBS reps as well as partnerships with Animalcare and Centaur. ·          This revolutionary equipment helps reduce pain, reduce inflammation & swelling, speed return to fitness and improve clinical outcomes, among a myriad of secondary and tertiary benefits from helping cellular metabolism & respiration directly with light ·          K-Laser can improve and work in conjunction with existing medical and surgical therapies, can be nurse led, portable, is easy to use and will significantly increase client satisfaction, footfall and revenue. ·          K-Laser can help with 80% of your caseload and help advance your patient care to the next level – optimise patient healing with highly controlled infra-red and near infra-red light, pain-free! ·          With the most versatility, science, research and support behind the 150+ protocols for all species, K-Laser has been taken up by over 4000 clinics globally and the most referral & university centres out of any therapeutic laser here in the UK. ·          Full range for all budgets and proven Return on Investment – find out more today about this clinical and commercial necessity for modern practice!   To find out more about the K-Laser click on 'Visit my Web Site' under Seller Info, call VBS Direct on 0845 5280336 or email

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