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The Vetlab Premiere 500 Microscope Veterinary Microscopes  - £425.00 Listing ID: 5223

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Premiere 500 Microscope
Premiere 500 Microscope


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 Including... Free Delivery Free Starter Pack One Year Warranty

Ideal for Routine and Teaching Applications

The Vetlab Premiere 500 Biological Binocular Microscope is one of the most modern designed microscopes available for routine diagnostic examination in all veterinary and pathology laboratories and pharmaceutical research. It is also ideal for teaching demonstrations in schools, colleges and universities and can be used with a Digital Camera fitted to one eyepiece to transmit images to a PC. The Premiere 500 is also available in a Trinocular version for those wishing to do a lot of photographic work.

Five Achromat Objectives

The Vetlab Premiere 500 has a solid build with a good wide base and low centre of gravity. Unlike most microscopes it is supplied with five objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 60x and 100x magnifications. The 60x objective allows the possibility of viewing some objects without the need for immersion oil (eyepieces 10x = total magnification 600x). All objectives are mounted pointing away from the operator allowing more convenient slide loading.

 Mechanical Stage and Illumination

The mechanical stage is of good, solid construction and has low mounted control knobs providing comfort for extended use. Illumination is provided by a powerful 6V 20W halogen lamp and brightness can be controlled using a dimmer switch, field diaphragm and iris diaphragm on the Abbe condenser with its rack and pinion vertical adjustment design. In addition, there is a swing-out filter support on the base of the condenser which can support a blue filter (supplied) to provide white light viewing.

Accessories Available

Accessories are available for phase contrast, dark ground illumination and photography.

Starter Pack and Warranty

As with all of our microscopes, a starter pack is provided including a User Manual, spare halogen lamp and fuse, immersion oil, lens tissues, microscope slides and dust cover.

The Vetlab Premiere 500 is supplied with a 12 Months Warranty and is CE certified.

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