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ImmunoComb VacciCheck
ImmunoComb VacciCheck


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ImmunoComb ® VacciCheck

Antibody Test Kit



Another great enhancement from Woodley Equipment

ImmunoComb ® VacciCheck

All performed within the practice – No analyser necessary



VacciCheck monitors serological status, reduces vaccination failure and prevents over-vaccination.

This is the only semi-quantitative kit on the market and provides a good guide for revaccination. It is quick and easy to use, self contained and detects three diseases in one test without the need for any analyser equipment.

Measuring antibody levels helps determine when it is optimal to end a course of vaccine and serology testing is useful in confirming a successful immunisation.


The VacciCheck determines antibody titer:

Canine:  Infectious Hepatitis (ICH)     Parvovirus (CPV)     Distemper (CDV)  

Feline:   Panleukopenia (FPLV)    Herpes Virus (FHV)     Calici Virus (FCV)


For more information about ImmunoComb ® VacciCheck please email or call our customer service team on +44 (0) 1204 669033 Option 1.

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