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Poison Test Station
Poison Test Station


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The Poison Test Station

Complete in-house testing of three common poisons


 Another great enhancement from Woodley Equipment


The Poison Test Station

Quick, accurate results in-practice



Anti-Freeze (Ethylene Glycol)Tests for the presence of Ethylene Glycol commonly found in “anti-freeze”, lacquer, detergents and deicers providing critical information on exposure to this toxin for both Canine and Feline in as early as 30 minutes after ingestion.



Insecticide/Pesticide Organo-Phosphate – This test detects the presence of Organo-Phosphates in over 175 insecticides, pesticides, cholinesterase inhibitors and Organophosphate Carbamate products. The only veterinary test to provide in-house measurement of Organophosphate in plasma for both Canine and Feline in 6 minutes.


Rodenticide Anti-Coagulant - A rapid sensitive test for the semi quantitative detection of ingested compounds such as Warfarin and Coumadin, giving results in 5 minutes


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