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If you would like to try any of the Pet-ID microchip formats, please call us on 01273 837676 to discuss your requirements and arrange for samples of your preferred microchip format.  Alternatively email us on with your telephone contact details and one of our team will get in touch.  

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Dependable service for you and your clients

Pet-ID Microchips’ services for pet professionals include the supply of high quality microchip identification and registration services for pets and other animals, from guinea pigs to guinea fowl, kittens to big cats. We also supply microchip scanning equipment, pet insurance and microchip implant training.

We work with the majority of the UK’s veterinary practices, dog warden services and animal welfare organisations including the RSPCA, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the Blue Cross and the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), along with many other independent charities.

We support organisations working with animals, including veterinary practices, dog warden services and animal welfare organisations with marketing and backup support for our products.

Our microchips are guaranteed for life. With our standard microchips at 12mm x 2mm, they’re not much bigger than a grain of rice.

We also offer mini chips which are just 8mm x 1.4mm, suitable for miniature breeds and small species. We work with Petlog for pet and owner registration and all our microchips are ISO FDX-B compliant, conforming to ISO 11784/11785 standards, as required for the Pet Travel Scheme.

Our microchips are coated with Parylene-C which encourages bonding with the subcutaneous tissues and prevents migration.  Not all pet microchips have this advanced coating. Our microchip implanting needles are sharper and narrower than standard needles used for most other 12mm microchips, making implantation less invasive.

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