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Graham Oliver and his team welcome you to East Midlands Referrals.

We specialise in orthopaedic, neorology and MRI services for Dogs and Cats.

We have pioneered many diagnosis techniques and surgical procedures, thus improving the level of care available.

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Knee conditions

Meniscal injury

Frequently associated with cruciate ligament failure we find meniscal tears. The menisci are two small cartilage bodies in the knee (in man commonly referred to as cartilages – torn in rugby football and squash) they are tangerine segment shaped but more “c” shaped. Treating cruciate ligament injuries without addressing meniscal tears is of very limited value and can hinder their later treatment. We diagnose and treat these injuries with keyhole procedures. 

Patella luxation ( dislocating knee caps)

This is very common in smaller terrier breeds and more often now in select larger breeds (Labrador for example) There are a number of techniques for correction, including transplanting the attachment of its ligament, deepening the groove it runs in and adjusting tension on the ligaments that pull it to either side. In larger dogs sometimes a deviation in the end of the femur (thigh bone) needs to be straightened by a more complex procedure.  

Elbow conditions

The elbow of many large breeds is in actual fact more problematic than hips but the general awareness of this significantly lags hip dysplasia. Any forelimb lame large breed that is recurrent or persists more than a day should be screened for elbow dysplasia. X-RAYS MAY APPEAR NORMAL or have only subtle changes. If seen early enough (preferably between 7 and 10 months for most manifestations) arthroscopic treatment can achieve most, although we have removed many bone fragments form animals up to 9 years of age (and counting)

Most commonly we find small fragments of cartilage and bone ( fragmented coronoid process) in other cases there may be erosions of the joint surface or fissures. Arthroscopy (using a 1.9mm rigid scope to view the joint- these images are recorded to help explain the disease process) many of these conditions can be treated through keyhole ( 3mm) incisions using special tooling. This type of surgery is remarkable in the speed of recovery and minimal discomfort it causes to your pet. This is a type of work that EMR has developed a special interest and expertise in performing over 500 such operations annually.

For dogs with elbows that don’t respond to drugs or arthroscopic surgery joint replacement is an option.

Hip problems

Again EMR has a particular interest in conditions affecting the hip joint with the first hip replacements being performed 15 years ago and has taken on board all the developments in this highly technical procedure, which includes cementless hips that truly integrate with the body by ingowth of bone into the implants, there are also micro and nano hips for small dogs and cats.

There are many conditions affecting hips other than hip dysplasia- some require surgery ( replacement -THR, removal –FHNO or procedures to change the shape of the young pelvis- JPS ) Other cases can be successfully managed on combinations of pain relief and other supportive medication ( nutraceuticals for example) 

Hip Dysplasia (HD)

This is probably one of the most common reasons for hip surgery or treatment, it affects many breeds ( mostly large). The growing hip has adverse forces on it which cause the socket and ball to develop into a mismatch, this may be exacerbated by laxity ( looseness ) of the ligaments. The poor fit causes early wear of the joint surfaces with associated pain and inflammation and eventually degradation of the joint ( osteoarthritis)  Treatment ranges from drugs through FHNO to THR ( JPS in young animals)

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