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Graham Oliver and his team welcome you to East Midlands Referrals.

We specialise in orthopaedic, neorology and MRI services for Dogs and Cats.

We have pioneered many diagnosis techniques and surgical procedures, thus improving the level of care available.

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A recently expanding area of work is the neurology case- load, thanks to on site MRI, this mainly involves spinal work ( disc failures, vertebral instability, tumours, and  traumatic injury) and occasionally intracranial surgery.


Failure of intevetebral discs is a common cause of partial or total paralysis and may be very painful. The discs form shock absobers between adjacent vertebrae and my either bulge or burst. In the latter case the contents of the disc can “explode” upwards into the spinal canal  with significant force. There is very little room around the spinal cord and it is encased in a bony tube, so the combination of  extra material, swelling and haemorrhage pressurises the delicate nervous tissue, necessitating  emergency surgery in some dogs. The MRI  facility is not only invaluable for detecting these events with great accuracy but also assessing the “health” of neighbouring discs which may not have failed.


It is also much easier to identify animals that whist they may have swelling or bleeding do not necessarily have ongoing compression of the cord and therefore do not require surgery.

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