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Help me visualise my building plans…

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine or visualise how a 2D architectural drawing translates into reality. This is where BIM (Building Information Modelling) comes into its own. 

BIM is a 3D modelling method that plays an important role at all stages of the design process. It allows us to more efficiently plan, design, and manage the building process. We can host live-model workshops during construction or design team meetings.  

Our in-house BIM modeller loves nothing more than turning your plans and drawings into a real-time guided tour of your future premises.

Working with our partners, our team can provide integrated energy analysis, data extraction, and asset information directly from the building model, so projects can be evaluated at an early design stage to ensure that they meet and exceed client and regulatory requirements.  

BIM also allows collaboration between consultants and designers, avoiding conflicts such as ventilation ductworks and medical gas supply routes clashing, way before the works start on site, avoiding costly delays during the construction period. 

Add virtual reality and walk through your future building

In addition to creating 3D images, by integrating it with VR (Virtual Reality) headsets you can walk through your new building – before it’s been built!  

At ACD we’ve been expanding our experience in this area and have a collection of VR Models for you to try. We’ve also recently invested in a couple of VR headsets so that we can offer our clients the opportunity to see their own facility before breaking ground on site. 

To see some examples of our VR videos click on 'Visit my Web Site'

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