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This is a series of nine videos with Sarah Caney on senior and geriatric feline medicine.

Thanks to better diets and health care, more and more cats are now living to or beyond a geriatric age (15 years). While cats are very good at adapting to and compensating for illness this can make it hard for carers to spot signs of disease. Many common geriatric illnesses can be managed with benefits to both quality and length of life, however management of concurrent disease can make clinical care challenging. Throughout this video series, the speaker includes many practical tips aiming to increase the clinical skills and confidence of the viewer when dealing with elderly cats.

Topics covered include:

  • Preventative healthcare for the older cat – what, why and when?
  • Cat-friendly tips for handling, sedating and sampling older cats
  • Management of concurrent disease – what’s the best approach?
  • A clinical update on ‘what’s new’ for diagnosis and management of common old cat illnesses such as:
    • Osteoarthritis
    • CKD
    • Hyperthryoidism
    • Cognitive dysfunction
    • Constipation

**The cost of this course £45 also includes unlimited access to for 1 full month, allowing you to view hundreds of hours of certified CPD lectures on a huge variety of topics!** Pay Per View Options Available too!


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